Love Around the World

What is love? A question most of us asked ourselves at least once in our lifetime. Anđela and Davor, a newly married couple from Croatia, decided to turn their honeymoon into a year-long exploration of possible answers to this question. They talked to more than a hundred people in over thirty countries all around the world, afterwards transforming this inspiring experience into a documentary and a book showing all the complexity of love in the 21st century.

Love Around the World

An intimate essay, a travel diary and an ethnographic study – all in one, this book presents an inspirational exploration that takes readers on a passionate journey through different aspects of the meanings that love has in todays’ world. The hardcover English version will be available in April ’21. Please add your email to the list if you want us to notify you once it becomes available!

The Film

From deep within the Amazonian forests and remote villages in the Himalayas and small Pacific countries and African slums, all the way to the world’s largest metropolises, this stunning documentary shows us 33 different stories about love and marriage, challenges and struggles, highs and lows, creating one big love story that reminds us how love can never be simple, but at the same time how just a few things on Earth are as simple as love.

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