From deep within the Amazonian forests and remote villages in the Himalayas to the world’s largest metropolises, this stunning documentary shows us 33 different stories about love and marriage, challenges and struggles, highs and lows, creating one big love story that reminds us how love can never be simple, but at the same time how just a few things on Earth are as simple as love.

The film is a collage of subjective impressions of 40 different couples from different geographical locations, economical and political contexts. It follows all the stages of their relationships – from the moment they met or had their first date, through their decision to get married or move in together and their subsequent fights and challenges, all the way to the present moment and their plans for the future.

The interviews are intertwined with montage sequences composed by slow motion shots, impressive aerial images and time-lapses, showing stunning landscapes, wedding rituals, local customs, seduction rituals and interactions between couples that give the viewers additional context about the couples presented.

‘Love Around The World’ premiered on Arte on FEB 14th 2021.


Written and directed by
Anđela Rostuhar
Davor Rostuhar

Davor Rostuhar

Ivan Živalj

Assistant Editor
Marin Nekić

Script Consultant
Jasna Jasna Žmak

Nenad Kovačić (Composer, Guitar, Percussion)
Teresa Campos (Vocals)
Darragh Quinn (Fiddle)
Nils Peschanski (Synths)

Colour Grading
Salem Kapić Kantardžić (Fabrika)

Sound mix
Frano Homen

Music mix
Nenad Kovačić and Raphael Hardy

Creative Consultant
Anna Rohde-Seyfried

Production Assistent
Julia Goering
Carla Brummer
Valerija Povalec
Paula Brečak

Commissioning Editor BR
Matthias Leybrand
Carlos Gerstenhauer

Commissioning Editor Arte
Katja Ferwagner

Line Producer Autentic
Jan Bullerdieck

Producer Autentic
Patrick Hörl
Andreas Martin

Producer Drugi Plan
Nebojša Taraba
Miodrag Sila

Producer KEK
Anđela Rostuhar
Davor Rostuhar

Produced by
Autentic Production
Drugi Plan

In collaboration with

Autentic Distribution